UTA’s Community Advisory Committee (CAC) provides rider advice and community perspective to inform UTA priorities, plans, and decisions. The UTA CAC has been in place since 2018 under the Community Engagement Department. The CAC is the pulse of the community in fostering direct connection and collaboration between UTA and the public to shape how public transit systems work for communities.

The three areas of focus established by the CAC are engagement, policy, and design.

The committee is a standing, non-governing, and non-decision-making advisory committee of no more than 12 members. CAC members include individuals who have a robust understanding of the community and strive to include representation from different sectors on the committee. We work with community partners to recruit members that serve and engage with diverse communities.

The CAC plays a key role in public input and community engagement opportunities on public transit such as the long-term strategic priorities and short-term customer experience decisions. Since 2018, the committee has been influential in customer experience planning, including improvements to the new wayfinding and signage packages at UTA and bus stops. The committee was instrumental in updating the charter in 2020 to reflect renewed goals of the committee, including advancing UTA’s community engagement work.

Apply to serve on the Community Advisory Committee: Submit your application here.

If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved with the CAC, please contact us at community@ridetuta.com

Member Name

Representing Organization/Community

Geographic Representation

Member Since

Chad Larsen

University of Utah Transportation

Salt Lake County


Claudia Loayza

Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs

State of Utah


Logan Millsap

BikeWalk Provo

Utah County


Philip Sauvageau

Community At Large

Davis County


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