The Donated Vehicle Program is an excellent resource for non-profit organizations, public safety agencies, and public education institutions to receive surplus vehicles that have reached the end of their service at UTA. This program allows organizations the ability to receive a used surplus vehicle at no cost. Though these vehicles come "as-is", UTA will be ensuring that the vehicles are safe and road worthy.

Our vehicle options include a full size bus, large passenger vans, mini-van and Paratransit. Please understand that these vehicles may not be available at the time of your application, we contact each organization as vehicles become available.


To be eligible for a donated vehicle an organization must be located in Utah AND be one of the following:

  • Be a nonprofit with an active 501(c)(3) (designation/certification) or
  • Be a public safety agency or
  • Be a public education institution

Complete the form on this website and email the completed form to mobility@rideuta.com

Upon receipt of the completed form, the Coordinated Mobility staff will prioritize the request based on:

  1. Intended Use
    1. Passenger Trips
    2. Public Safety
    3. Education
  2. Date of Request

After prioritization, the Coordinated Mobility staff will contact the organization to inform them of vehicle availability.

For any questions regarding the program please email mobility@rideuta.com.

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