Why AT3P

UTA is developing an Active Transportation to Transit Plan (“AT3P”). Public transit accessibility relies on active transportation accessibility. Active transportation includes human-powered mobility, such as biking, walking, or rolling. At the stop or station-level, every transit trip on UTA’s system at some point involves some form of active transportation to board, wait, travel to and from public transit locations, and more. For riders to be able to make these active connections safely and easily, they rely on a network of active transportation (“AT”) facilities that extend beyond UTA's direct jurisdiction – city sidewalks, for example.

AT3P graphic

Plan Purpose

The UTA Active Transportation to Transit Plan (AT3P) sets out to develop comprehensive internal guidance for UTA to enhance active transportation accessibility, both through direct actions or initiatives from UTA and in collaboration with partners. The AT3P intends to bring together a range of AT efforts to elevate the value of AT connections, as well as define, prioritize, and address barriers and opportunities for improving system-wide active transportation accessibility to transit.


Coming Soon (Summer 2023)

  • AT3P Survey
  • Plan Document
  • Story Map

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