Are you looking for a great new benefit to offer your employees? Do you want to improve air quality and the environment, too? UTA has got just what you need. We offer discounted passes that companies can buy in bulk.

Companies like yours benefit from participating in a UTA pass programs. Having a UTA pass program lets you:

  • Feature transit passes as an additional benefit when recruiting talent
  • Reduce the need for parking spaces
  • Gain access to larger talent pools across the Wasatch Front
  • Offer a pre-tax benefit to employees
  • Help transit-dependent workers
  • Show your care about making the community more livable

Funding Your Pass Program

Program costs vary depending on your company’s needs. You have several options for funding your UTA pass program. As an employer, you can fund the program in full and capture the pre-tax savings. The federal government currently allows pre-tax savings of up to $255 a month, per employee. That really adds up.

You can also create an employee-funded pass program, where employees opt to have funds deducted pre-tax, like a health savings account, but for transit. To learn more about pre-tax transit benefits, click here.

Guaranteed Ride Home

We know that emergencies can throw wrenches in your travel plans. Whether it’s a sick child at home or the boss needs you to stay late, we’ve got you covered. UTA offers pass program partners a Guaranteed Ride Home. If you have an emergency and need to leave when UTA is not operating, we’ll arrange for alternative transportation for you. Our representatives are happy to share more details about how our Guaranteed Ride Home program works.

Reduce Your Parking Needs

As your company expands, your parking needs typically grow, too. When you take advantage of UTA’s world-class transit service, you give your employees a great transportation option and reduce your parking needs, at the same time. It’s a win-win for you and your employees.

Find Your Perfect Fit

We recognize that every company is different. UTA offers customizable pass programs to fit your needs. Please fill out the form below to talk with an agent who can share program options and answer questions.

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