The Utah Transit Authority is gathering feedback as it finalizes its 3-year goal for the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program. UTA seeks to engage businesses, advocates, community based organizations, and any other interested parties in discussing the 2021-2023 goal. As a recipient of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds, UTA works with small businesses that may qualify as a DBE or who are currently involved in contract opportunities with UTA. UTA would like to work with these partners to set 3-year goals about percentage of FTA funds that should go towards DBE businesses equitably.

More information on UTA’s DBE program and eligibility can be found at

The draft goal that UTA is proposing is for 7% of the contracts made with federal funds during the years of 2021, 2022, and 2023 will go towards certified DBEs. This goal was determined by reviewing the upcoming projects and contracts during those years and calculating what percent of the work equitably should be performed by DBEs. The goal is a 1% increase from the previous three-year period. The achievement of this goal will be through direct contracting of goods and services with DBEs or through DBE subcontracts made by non-DBE contractors working for UTA.

Interested parties can participate in this public outreach period through UTA’s online engagement platform, OpenUTA, or by emailing Kenya Fail, UTA’s Manager of Civil Rights Compliance directly at or 801-287-3535. Since this is intended to be an interactive process, any virtual meetings or phone discussions can be scheduled through that email. This feedback period will be from September 1 – September 30.

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